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June 29, 2016 You are here : Home

There is an emerging realization regarding the importance of thought. If you can influence the thought of an individual, you can influence everything they do. The question today is, who are the driving voices that are shaping global thinking? What influence do Christians play in this regard? And have we engaged in these issues in honourable ways or have we reduced our audience to only those within the walls of our churches? Thought; Christian thought, is redemptive, restorative, constructive and it carries an edge of grace rather than venom. Paradigm Ministries focuses our attention on "who" is saying "what," and how the people of God are responding? Paradigm Ministries also seeks to assist Christians in better understanding Biblical thought, while calling to the people of God to take seriously, this issue of thinking wisely.

Consider hosting a Digging Deeper workshop series in your neighbourhood. 

Northern Christian Schools Teacher's Convention

While speaking to grades 7 - 12 in Prince George, Miya summarized the session on self-esteem this way.